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"I had some fungal overgrowth (both in my GI tract with pain in my lungs) and drank a bottle of HEALlix near over 3 days. All fungi and pain vanished. This last bottle was over 2 years old and still maintained it’s potency."

"A few years ago, I experimented a bit to see if HEALlix would help my genetic condition (called: Friedreich’s Ataxia). It doesn't directly influence it. However, the condition tends to impair my immune function – so, I use HEALlix as a back up immunity. I'm sure the same would help many older folks who also have a deficit of immunity."

J. McDonell - Canada

"I ordered my first bottle of HEALlix a short time ago and it arrived just after I began feeling the affects of that horrible bug that’s been going around here. I wish I’d had the HEALlix before I contracted the cold because I don’t think I would have gotten it."

"What did happen, however, astonished me. My head cold was in full force and had just started spreading into my lungs when I began to take my HEALlix. I took two capfulls twice a day and in two days my cold was halted in its tracks! I felt much better and spent the next week simply draining from the cold that had begun."

You must understand, everyone around me that had this bug was miserable for weeks. That was not the only thing that happened either. I have suspected for months that I have an overgrowth of Candida Albicans. I had many symptoms that certainly supported this self "diagnosis". After taking the HEALlix, I began to feel more energy and the other symptoms began to disappear. Oh, and by the way, my cold sores stopped surfacing as well!

Carol F. – Pensacola FL

"The week of the Thanksgiving Holiday 2002 I began to have a toothache. By Thanksgiving Day, my jaw was swollen and very tender to the touch. My gland was swollen and the inside of my mouth along the gums were swollen and tender. It hurt to move my tongue I was so swollen everywhere. Needless to say, I did not enjoy my Thanksgiving feast at all. I continued to suffer through the weekend trying every pain reliever I could find. I tried chewing aspirin, applying toothache medicine directly on the tooth and everything."

"When I arrived home from the weekend away I remembered that I had some HEALlix and that it was supposed to help with infections. (As my tooth was obviously very infected). I got a dropper and applied some HEALlix directly on the tooth. The pain stopped instantly. I then mixed 4 cap-fulls of the HEALlix in a small glass of distilled water and drank that. I continued to take the HEALlix orally and I continued to apply it directly to the tooth 4 times daily. Within 2 days, the swelling was gone and I was pain free."

"I have no dental insurance so one can imagine the relief I felt in knowing that I had a something that would ease my pain in the future. The tooth has acted up twice since then and I just go back on the HEALlix and it makes it better. I have had the HEALlix in my cupboard for several months and it just set there because I am a skeptic about using this kind of stuff. Not any more!! I will not be with out HEALlix in the future!"

Jody M. – Utah

"Thank you so much for the awesome product. I have sclerosis of the liver and it’s nice to finally have a product give me so much real energy instead of all the fatigue I’m used to. Thanks again the product really works. Feeling great."

Paul – Arkansas

"In June 2001 I was diagnosed with a Plasmacytoma cancer. I had major surgery to remove the tumor and I had 25 radiation treatments. I had follow-up blood work, to measure the M-protein in my blood. The numbers were slowly going down. Then the numbers stopped going down. Doctors told me that I must have cancer someplace else or the radiation had not worked. The doctor decided to wait one month and check the blood work again. That was the day I started taking HEALlix. I started taking 1 capful 3 times a day. I increased that dose after one week to 2 capfuls 3 times a day. After taking HEALlix for one month my M-protein in my blood had gone down. I continued taking the same dose 2 capfuls three times a day for one more month until I had more blood work. Blood tests indicated that my M-protein had gone up. Not a good sign for the doctor. He was certain that I had cancer either in some other part of my body ( which means I would have a multiple myloma which is a stage of cancer worse than plasmacytoma,) or there was a possibility that the radiation had not killed the cancer."

"That day I started taking 4 capfuls 4 times a day. One week later I went to the hospital for a bone marrow biopsy and a full body scan x-ray. The doctor was looking to see where my cancer was and how extensive it was. My bone marrow is perfectly normal healthy bone marrow. No cancer cells. The body x-ray showed no sigh of a tumor anywhere. The doctor was shocked. He called experts all over the country. The doctor told us he was in good company."

"I asked why? He said, 'because none of the other doctors could understand why the tests indicated cancer they could not find any.' Bone marrow biopsies are very conclusive tests for this type of cancer. There is none in my body. doctors can not understand why when the M-protein went up indicating cancer I don’t have cancer. The only thing I have done different is take HEALlix. I really feel that cancer was trying to invade my body again and the HEALlix did it’s job."

"I have enjoyed many added benefits of HEALlix. Years ago I had a lung disease called Sarcoiosis, it left me with scar tissue in my lungs and the asthma like symptoms of wheezing and shortness of breath. My symptoms have noticeably eased since using HEALlix. I have been very susceptible to colds since the lung disease when I get a cold it goes straight to my lungs. I get bronchitis and go on expensive antibiotics. I have not had one cold since October. I am a hair stylist and have some eczema problems on my hands especially in the cold winter months. My hands are not cracked and bloody. It is great. Unpleasant as it is to discuss my radiation was to my lower back, causing damage to my intestine. I had diarrhea for months. Gone is the diarrhea. I have had a sore knee form an old injury. The surgery to my back in June caused some additional problems with my knee. I had taken Glucosamine for a year with little results. Now with HEALlix I have no pain and I have strength back in knee. I am still taking 4 capfuls 4 times a day. I will have more blood work in February. When my M-protein went up it was 0.5 I am curios to see how much it will go down. I expect it will be way down."

"Thank you HEALlix for giving my life back!"

K. Hansen – Idaho

Follow Up Testimony:

"I just wanted to update you on my health and the remarkable benefits of HEALlix. I sent my testimony many months ago, about my struggle with cancer. I had a plasmacytoma cancer that destroyed a vertibra in my back. The doctors monitor the M-protein in my blood. Well to make a long story short, or know what I am talking about read my first testimony. The news is that I had blood work in February and my numbers had not gone down. I was a scared but believed in HEALlix and kept taking it. I kept taking 4 capful 4 times a day. The first week in April I had more blood work. The doctor prepared me for the bad news, if my M-protein did not go down I would have to have chemotherapy. Good news my M-protein went from 0.60 down to 0.29. The doctor was very pleased. I was more than pleased. I have received many E-mails from cancer victims, it is a difficult thing to live with. I shared with one woman that, you have to believe in your doctors but find faith in something else. I put my faith in God, and believe that I was guided to HEALlix to heal me. What a wonderful product."

K. Hansen – Idaho

"I have been using HEALlix for a month now! After trying many over the counter drugs for a terrible cold that left me with a lung Infection, I finally tried HEALlix!….3 caps a day with filtered or distilled water for 7 days and my cold and infection were practically gone!! I was amazed, it’s like knowing a secret that not many people know yet! All my friends and family know now! Thanks!"

William S

"I was diagnosed with hepatitis c and refuse to go on interferon. For the longest time I had no energy, and felt terrible in every way, liver pain, legs ached. My mother had read about HEALlix and knowing I was tired of spending money on herbs and other things sent me a bottle of HEALlix after one week I feel like a new man, a new lease on life. Working again, a lot more energy, not where I want to be yet but 50 percent there and its only been a week.

D. Fishman

"I had gone to the dentist for the first time in 2 years and was told I had gum disease. The dentist worked on my gums for an hour and I started flossing nightly, which I had never done before. I was told this along with brushing and the work the dentist had done would clear up the problem. I went back a month later for a follow up check up and the problem was worse! The dentist gave me a rubber ‘gum’ tool to work on my gums to hopefully help the problem. I immediately thought of HEALlix, which had helped me with Candida in the past, and started to use it, dipping the tool in the HEALlix and working it on my gums. It worked! At my next check up the dentist told me I was free and clear of the problem. Great news!"

Ann Y. – California

"I am writing to tell of the my great experience with HEALlix. I have had problems with my lungs for nearly three years now. I have had trouble breathing. I was coughing up mucous all the time. My lungs always felt “wet”. I would wake up in the middle of the night, choking on phlegm and mucous. I often felt as if I might choke to death. It was terrifying. It seemed to me that I had some sort of infection, that I just could not overcome. I refused to take antibiotics because I suspected that the symptoms could be related to a candida yeast infection and I know that antibiotics will simply worsen that situation. So, I began taking HEALlix about 12 or 7 weeks ago. I was truly amazed. I noticed a difference in my lungs almost immediately. They began to feel more dry. The coughing has slowly tapered off. I no longer wake up gagging, choking and gasping for breath. I can breathe well again!! I am thoroughly impressed with this product. I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you so much!!"

Eve B.

"I am a 32 year old male from New Zealand now living in Washington State, USA. I have had a long battle with my health, symptoms include weight loss (20-25lbs) I only have 4% body fat, fatigue, insomnia, ear ache, chronic muscular pains, inflammatory conditions (eg Ankylosing Spondylitis- this is a form of arthritis) teeth and gum problems and frequent infections."

"I have had absolutely everything tested by doctors. They have not found anything wrong… Through a lot of research I worked out something that now seems obvious, eg that I have a severely weakened immune system and that I have Candida."

"To cut a long story short I have tried many things to improve my health and the greatest success has come from my recent use of HEALlix. I have been using HEALlix for 12 weeks now. The first thing I noticed was an improvement in my sleep. Then came a reduction in my muscular aches and pains. Most recently a significant increase in my weight, I no longer look like someone from a concentration camp. I have a smile on my face for the first time in 2years!! I am starting to have more energy and a zest for life again. The organic acid worked perfect to kick the Candida’s butt and to improve my immune function."

"I hope that anyone that might benefit from organic acid discovers it and tries it. After first reading about organic acid I went on the internet to find an economical source of it. The best company in this regard from my research was HEALlix."

"All the best in your search for good health!"

Greg H. – Washington

"Hello!! Greetings and many hugs!! You have the best product I’ve ever used! And that says a lot! I’m a real health nut and consume many many pills in a day!! :O) I had a lung infection brought on by inhaling chemicals! My lungs are reactive and require special care. Well, I messed up and they filled with mucous! I coughed and coughed!"

"Luckily my HEALlix came in the next day!! I started it right away!! In two days it seemed to clear right up. So, I skipped a day and then i thought I’d better do this treatment longer just in case!! When I took two capfuls I began to cough up more green mucous, I didn’t even know was there! This product goes in and seeks out bacteria and sickness and expels it lickity split!! I did this for a few more days and I was fine. I stopped and everyone seemed to be getting sinus infections, including me! This is rare to me and I took HEALlix right away and in two days it was gone!!! I figured I’d better stay on it as a maintenance program!!"

"I took homeopathic tissue salts for skin, just for the heck of it! WELL!!….I woke up the next day covered in pimples, large and small! Some were pussy and painful in 24 hrs! I felt like they must have been down there waiting to surface!! One at a time! I took HEALlix four times a day and topically also!! Everyone of them disappeared in one week and you can’t even tell I had this episode! Usually a small breakout would last from beginning to end about two to three weeks. With scabbing and embarrassing results!! I just can’t believe how fast everything clears up with HEALlix and with NO yeast infections to follow!! I’m a true believer!! I may never need another Dr. again!!!"

"Also, my daughter had a bad sinus headache and fever on Sunday, she took it for two days and is absolutely fine! She doesn’t like the taste but didn’t want to go to the Dr.! Since she had a Dr.s appointment on Tues. Anyway for a worry I asked him to check her for sinus problems. He said whatever she had shes almost over it!"

Denise V

"About 2 weeks ago I started feeling ill, aches, fever and nausea. As my 10 year old son was sick with the flu, I knew I was also coming down with it. My sister who was visiting, had a bottle of HEALlix and started giving me 3 capfuls every four hours. Now I must say I did not believe anything would help me but bed-rest and aspirin. But the next day I felt like a new woman, kept taking HEALlix and was fine the next day. I mean 100 percent. I started giving my son two capfuls every four hours and the next day he said he felt hungry for the first time in days and his nausea was completely gone. I am now a true believer and my sister says she has not been ill since trying your product. Thank you your product is amazing."

Kelly A.

"I have been suffering with an unknown ailment Prostatitis/I.C./Irritable Bowel Syndrome for about 9 years now. Nothing that I took before really helped except maybe pain medicine. I have just finished my fourth bottle of HEALlix and I must say that this stuff is a god send for me. I have never found anything that helps as much as this! I have more energy, better thought processes and a lot of my pain is now gone! Needless to say, I just ordered 4 more bottles of HEALlix. Thank you so much!!! This stuff has really given me back my life. I never thought that I would feel this much energy again."

Hunter G.

"I was surfing the internet for solid information about colloidal silver, when I encountered your site. Being familiar with organic acid, because of my profession, I was immediately interested by your products. I understand the tremendous power they possess. All went very smooth, and I received my order a lot sooner then expected without any problem. Being very happy with the whole process, I started using HEALlix, and after about a week I was even more happy, because I already started to feel the effects: I feel more vital and little inconveniences like a nose cold were gone in days. So I would like to thank you not only for your fine products, but for your integrity, too. THANKS!!"

Warmest regards, Waldemar

"My 13 year old son had a very painful sore throat. I have never had a child diagnosed with strep, but I think he must have had strep. He took HEALlix for 3 days and shows no sign of being sick. Several weeks later my 12 year old son who has asthma became ill. A small cold gives him a lot of trouble. A year ago he was at home on oxygen for 3 days with an attack. We could not get his pulse-ox (the amount of oxygen in his blood) up above 90 it stayed around 76-83. This time as soon as he started to have an attack. We gave him HEALlix.Thursday evening he showed signs, Friday I let him go to school, Friday morning I picked him up at school, with more difficulty breathing. Friday night I thought he had pneumonia. The whole time I gave him HEALlix. Saturday morning he seemed a bit better. By Saturday afternoon he was outside playing basketball."

Diane H.

"I have experienced a chronic, low grade fever for over ten years from an undetermined cause. Within weeks of taking the HEALlix the fever appears to be gone. I don’t believe this product is anything I ever want to be without."

Lisa B.

"I’ve been using HEALlix for about a week now, The first day or two it gave me a slight headache, but after that I have seen my energy increase each day. I’ve been taking it 3 times a day for candida. I look forward to staying on the program, nothing else I done in the past has seemed to work like this product.


"I ordered HEALlix originally for my pets. It worked beautifully to combat upper respiratory problems that conventionally antibiotics had not helped. However, it didn’t take long before my entire family used it for one ailment or another, all with great results. It helped my daughter’s acne considerably. I’m really excited about the new gel form."


"I am 74 years old and have been suffering from arthritis for many years, getting out of bed in the morning was a terrible chore, I lived in constant pain, nothing really helped. Prescription medication or over the counter medication did little to help my condition. Been using HEALlix now for a while and my pain has diminished so much sometimes I forget I have arthritis. Thank You for giving me back my life. In your debt."

A. Gordon

"In Feb. 2002, I went for my annual physical, pap test, etc. Well a few days later the doctor’s office called to inform me that they found blood in my urine sample plus lots of “gook”! To make a long story short, after four antibiotics including cipro and double doses of penicillin, plus x-rays, blood tests, and a cystoscopy procedure, you can imagine the state of my good bacteria."

"Therefore, I was getting very depressed and lacked energy. I was taking two and three naps each day. My husband ordered me some HEALlix which I started taking immediately. Taking HEALlix three times a day gave me the energy to do housework, cook meals and do the ordinary routine things all within three days – and no napping. I still have urinary problems to deal with including some minor surgery. I will continue the HEALlix to maintain the needed energy for healing, stamina and emotional support. My family and friends will hear about HEALlix for sure."

Thanks, Joy D.

"I had a terrible chest cold and started taking HEALlix out of desperation. I was completely back to normal after just 2 days. That has NEVER happened before! My 4 year old daughter woke up one morning with bad symptoms of a cold. I gave her just one capful and by dinner, she had absolutely no signs of illness! Thanks a million!"

K.R. – Vancouver, WA

"Wow! this stuff immediately cleared up all the intestinal upset I was having lately…. that’s why I purchased HEALlix. My diarrhea went away immediately, and I am digesting and eliminating normally now! I feel like I am getting more nutrients out of my food, and I have more energy. Not only that, but I noticed a few other benefits, my allergies went away, my period was not nearly as long and painful as in the past, and I had a herpes outbreak that went away within two days of starting HEALlix. (that was amazing to me) my outbreaks usually last ten days at a time!! I am recommending this to all of my family – they all suffer from allergies and they catch frequent colds and flu especially this time of year."

So, that’s my experience with HEALlix, and I am going to continue to recommend to friends and family and use it! 🙂 Thanks!

Michelle G.

"I purchased my first bottle of HEALlix about a month ago. I have had chronic sinus problems for over four years, constantly fighting infections. I began taking the HEALlix a teaspoon at a time, but I continued to struggle with the sinus infection. I decided to try putting slightly diluted HEALlix in an eye dropper and snuffed it up my nose. Within 12 hours my sinuses were clear. I have never had anything that worked so well. If I feel any signs or symptoms of a sinus infection returning, I snuff some more HEALlix. I usually use it full strength now. It does sting a little, but it really works."

Phyllis M – Indiana

"I too have a diagnosis of Hepatitis C. I won a free bottle of HEALlix and within a week of taking 2 caps fulls twice a day there was a noticeable difference in the way I felt. My liver enzymes came down some for the first time in over a year."

Carol L – Columbus Ohio

"Last week, I felt the beginnings of a swollen throat and head cold coming on. I immediately took a teaspoon of HEALlix in distilled water. I continued doing this 4 times that day and night and incredibly by AM the next day, the cold or whatever was trying to come out, appeared to "have changed its mind". I still took the HEALlix twice the next day, just be sure. That was the quickest I have ever gotten over a head cold!"

Ms. Rosenfeld

"I ordered by mail by credit card my first HEALlix bottle. I felt pretty secure as the site looks legitimate enough, and, even though there is always a small small suspicion ordering ANYTHING from the web, the friend I heard about HEALlix from is a VERY reliable source (and another happy customer!) The ordering process was convenient and smooth. I received my order about when I expected it. I did not experience any ordering or shipping problems. Yes I was happy with the process, and I WILL order again soon because it’s easy, fast, and I like the product. I also like the HEALlix specials, keep them coming!"

M. Chieffo

"I first heard about HEALlix while surfing the net looking for a doctor that practices homeopathic medicine. I came across an ad for HEALlix, got to your website and signed up for a free bottle. Two weeks later it arrived. I had forgotten all about it. It sat on my dresser for about a month untouched until one Wednesday about two weeks ago. While I was at work the flu came down on me and by the time I got home that evening my throat and sinuses were swollen, I ached, and the fever was starting. Now, I am very squeamish about taking any kind of medication due to the type of side effects I have experienced especially with antibiotics; Cipro caused a tightness at the back of my neck and Bactrin, I think I spelled that right, gave me a fever. I decided to give HEALlix a try. As I slowly drank it down I noticed almost immediately my throat started to feel better. Later I had some soup and went to bed. When I woke up a few hours later my fever hadn’t broken but it had gone down and the aches were gone."

Ms. Jones

"I just recently went through a very stressful period in my life. So much so that I thought I was experiencing a herpes outbreak. Although I have never been diagnosed with the herpes virus, I figured the worst. Seven years ago, I experienced chronic yeast infections due to stress. After doing research on vaginal viral, bacterial and yeast infections I came across this product. Immediately after taking the product orally, and using it vaginally I noticed an immediate change. Although I did not actually douche with the product as suggested, I started eliminating yeast from my body I did know that I had. Not only did this product clear up my problem, it also gave me peace of mind!"

"I will recommend this product to anyone who has chronic yeast, viral or bacterial problems."

"Thank you for again for peace of mind!"

Queen Jeneen

"I am a very hard person to convince. But let me say I am convinced about HEALlix. I have had health problems for years because of a low thyroid. I started HEALlix in October and here it is December and I’m still well. I used to be sick with something, ear infections, yeast infection, viruses, sinusitis, etc. every two weeks. Many of the guys at work have called in sick because of viruses and I have made it though it all, I think because of HEALlix. I feel this is a hair short of a miracle. For me anyway. To not be sick as long as I have is unbelievable, but true. If anyone has a low thyroid they will understand what it is like and how important it is to stay well so we can fight for the next day to feel better."

"If anyone knows how awful it is to have yeast infections, I also had it in my mouth, and not be able to get rid of it knows how important it is to try anything that works. Try HEALlix, it works. I am so happy I found HEALlix. It has changed my life. I’m ready to start the next day and feel like living it too!"

Dorothy H.

"I started taking HEALlix approximately 1 month ago, and it has improved my overall health. I was extremely tired and experienced headaches prior to taking HEALlix. It seemed to ‘clear my head’ and I started having the energy levels that I remember having as a kid. I am very pleased with the product."

Debbie W

"My husband suffers from an occasional painful and unsightly cold sore. Not anymore ! The last time one threatened to erupt I applied HEALlix topically and the blister gave up the ghost. Disaster averted. Go HEALlix !"


"I discovered HEALlix through my brother-in-law. I have been dealing with regular bouts of fatigue and decided to treat my-self for systemic candida. I feel that HEALlix was a large part of my improvements. Greatly improved energy and sleeping patterns. I would recommend taking the challenge you can’t go wrong."


"I am 23 years old and have been battling with a weak respiratory system for years. Unfortunately, I have asthma on top of that. One day after feeling miserable for days with poor breathing and asthma, a friend gave me some of her HEALlix to try. Skeptically, I agreed to try the product. To my surprise, I was feeling better within a day. She let me borrow her bottle and I took three caps in water for three days. Then I felt so much of an improvement."

"Thank You!!!!"

Heather M.

"I have been suffering from chronic sinus infections for nearly a year, and even after countless antibiotics and even surgery, I have had a difficult time staying healthy. Now, after two weeks of HEALlix treatment, (3 caps 3 times daily ON EMPTY STOMACH), i feel that it’s boosted my immune system, and gained back much of it’s natural defenses against colds and irritations that would often result in more serious problems. I plan to continue a maintenance dosage for the foreseeable future, and hope it helps anyone with similar symptoms."

"Thank you,"


"Because of my husbands recent success with HEALlix I decided to try it. I have been suffering from chronic ear aches and yeast infections. Also a general feeling of fatigue. With regular use of HEALlix I have had great results in a short time. Initially I began at higher doses and now take it daily at the maintenance levels. I would certainly recommend this product for anyone with any kind of infection or general low vitality."

Jackie B.

"I am writing to tell you that for the last five years I have suffered from severe allergies and sinus problems, living in a town they call sinus valley nothing really helped just a little relief. I have been taking HEALlix now for 10 days and my allergies are so much better and my sinus problems are gone like I never had any problem. When i tell friends this they find it hard to believe but I am living proof your product works and works wonders. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!"

Ryan D.

"I am 30 years old and have always had bad asthma and extreme pain in my calf muscles i have been taking HEALlix for 7 weeks now and i have noticed less pain in my legs after walking an find it easier to breath is if this HEALlix is helping me i will take it for the rest of my life."

T. Oswald

"I have been sick for about a month with sinus infection as well as a inner ear infection. I was experiencing extreme dizziness and fatigue as a result of the infections. Being a Professional Bull Rider being out of competition for a month was terrible, since I have no other source of income I was going broke and desperately needed to get get back to competition. After taking HEALlix only for a few days the symptoms subsided and I’m feeling GREAT. I am back to winning Bull Ridings and never felt better. Thanks HEALlix for helping me overcome this and restoring my health. What a GREAT product !!!!"


"I have had fungus on my toenail for years and have tried everything. My doctors have given me two types of prescriptions and cleared up but came right back. I took HEALlix orally and topically. My toenail is looking normal again."


St. George, UT

"My daughter has been telling me for a year now to try this HEALlix liquid she has finally convinced me because she sent me some and i really believe it has helped my health a lot. I knew i was coming down with the flew the other day I took 2 teaspoons full twice a day and by the third day i felt like i had never been sick.I told my daughter she needs to send me some more she really has me interested in reading more about this product."

"Thank You HEALlix"

D. Silverthorn

"I just wanted to write you a quick note and thank you for introducing me to HEALlix. The other day I was feeling rather nasty with chills, headache, weakness etc. and thought it a great chance to try your product. I took two caps full at about 2:30 PM and laid down. When six o clock arrived all of my symptoms had subsided and I actually felt chipper enough to attend a volunteer choir practice at 6:30. So thank you, I’ll be in touch to let you know how I do with the next killer illness that comes my way."


Mr. Quinn

"I was experiencing Chronic Bacterial Vaginosis. After doing weeks of research and trying all these other products off the internet, this has been the only one that has responded to my problem. HEALlix has done what all the antibiotics have not done. I’m grateful for this product. Thank you."


"I have always been against believing everything you hear, but with HEALlix it was exactly what they said it was plus more. I have had the flu, ear infections,and sore throat and it has always came through. I would recommend it to anyone."

Charlene A.

"Usually about every month right after my period a yeast infection would set in right on time for the past four years. I took HEALlix orally and then would douche with it once a week, since then I haven’t had a yeast infection. It’s been so long I keep expecting it to come back and so far it hasn’t."


Mrs. Larson -Utah

"I have a female guinea pig diagnosed with mammary tumors. She has a chain of tumors which were rapidly spreading up the underside of her body. The vet told me she would have a few months life before she would stop eating and it would be time to put her ‘to sleep’. No treatment was suggested. This was five months ago. I had a bottle of HEALlix in the cupboard and started to give it on that day, mixed with water, from a dropper, about 6ml each day. The spread of the tumors slowed at first and now seems to have stopped, while the first and largest ones are visibly shrinking in size. She remains bright eyed and full of life, thank you HEALlix!"

J. Ledoyen

"After being diagnosed many times with bacterial infection and it reoccurring again and again. I tried a bottle of HEALlix and I saw it go away. I was impressed. I would be interested in continuing to use this product and see what other conditions improve."


Jacy H

"I started using HEALlix a little over a week ago for a urinary problem that would not clear up. After five days, it was fine. One really great thing was, after only taking one dose, I noticed I had no stiffness the next morning when I got out of bed! I did quit taking it for a few days, when my husband came home from a business trip, with a terrible sore throat, which I caught. I took HEALlix, and it was gone in the morning."

Sue T.

"My mother was diagnosed with mrsa & austimalitious a bone eating disease 4 years ago. She has bed sores the size of grapefruits and half as deep. Nurses were coming in 7 days a week, they wanted to amputate her legs to try and stop the infection. When she refused they told her they would not continue (QUOTE) MAINTENANCE on her. They would only come in once a week to check on her, and gave her 4 to 5 mo. to live !!!"

"The infection got worse the smell of her house was overwhelming, she was getting so weak she couldn’t turn her self over in bed. I decided to take over her wound care requiring me to wear gown & gloves. My daughter got me a bottle of HEALlix and I decided to try it on my mother, giving her a cap full by mouth and spraying it in her wounds daily."

"In days family and friends commented on no smell in the house. The nurse came in to see how she was doing and was in total AWE. She told my mother what ever your daughter is doing tell her to keep doing it. Her drainage is close to none, her strength is much better. I was using a syringe to inject HEALlix into her tunnel wounds caused by austimalitious, I was told by nurses to apply slight pressure around these small tunnel wounds to push out puss and infection, after three days I decided to do the injections and the infection seems to be getting better."

"There is blood coming from them now which proves there is circulation and healing of good tissue. All this has taken place in just 4 weeks. Thanks to HEALlix we will have mom around a little longer."


Debbie S. – Montana

"I have been taking HEALlix from over 3 months and it has kept me from a cold. The weather here in southwest Florida has been hot and cold (very) all this winter. I believe that taking HEALlix on the maintenance schedule for the total time. I have not gotten a cold or any other illness in the time frame. Thank you for HEALlix."

Ronald J