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Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)


The most common conditions of Pink Eye are viral or bacterial. However, Pink Eye can be caused by a few other sources such as allergens, chemicals, contact lens or fungi. The symptoms are similar and noted by the reddening of the eye making the whites of the eye look pink. There can also be increased tear production, itching, mild pain and soreness, crusting from the increased tear production especially when one wakes from sleep.


While pink eye can be caused by a virus, which antibiotics are absolutely ineffective, they can be destroyed. Each virus has a membrane that must stay intact in order to live. HEALlix melts away the membrane of each virus and therefore can never mutate, including a virus causing pink eye. Whether it’s a virus, bacteria or fungi, HEALlix will help.

My son had pink eye which was uncomfortable and itchy. I placed 3 drops in each eye, which is painful. HEALlix will burn for only a few seconds. The itching and subsided significantly within hours and after 3 days of applying HEALlix, his pink eye was gone. His eyes were white again.