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Welcome to the World of HEALlix!

The human body is a complex system. There is the muscular system, skeletal system, nervous system, hormone system, digestive system and more. Your digestive system is critical.

These systems are regulated by the brain, which is the largest consumer of energy, over 20% of your total energy, yet the brain is only 2% of your bodies weight. It consumes more energy than any other organ.

The production of energy begins in the digestive system where trillions of microbes transform food into fuel for our body. Your gut is the foundation of your health.

You’ve discovered nature’s alternative to antibiotics. Where antibiotics kill everything and destroy your gut health, in turn harming your immune system, HEALlix does not.

HEALlix kills the pathogens while it rebuilds your natural immune system and gut flora. HEALlix fights alongside and feeds those valuable microbes that create energy for each system and your brain.

How does HEALlix work?

Heallix is a deadly combination for pathogens/infection.

FIRST: is the antibacterial properties of silver, it kills pathogens. Silver has been known for many 1,000’s of years as an infection killer and is well documented.

Silver is used in the space station to recycle and clean the water for drinking. Silver ointment is placed on the eyes of babies when they are born and hospitals are using a silver solution for bandaging wounds. The dressings are replaced less often and are more effective in keeping infection from the wound.

Antibiotic-resistant germs kill more than 23,000 Americans a year.

SECOND: The silver is combined with Fulvic Acid to deliver the lethal silver into your blood stream and into your bodies cells, healing and nourishing.

"Fulvic acid is the biological substance that changes inorganic colloidal minerals into organically complexed, soluble minerals which can be used by plants and animals."


HEALlix contains fulvic acid and silver mineral. Though virtually unknown to the layman, there is perhaps no substance more vital to life than the biologically-derived compounds known as Fulvic Acid.

As humic material is decomposed by living microbes, these microbes create the most biologically complex organic compounds on earth.

HEALlix is a power pack, which aids and supplies all cellular life functions. Fulvic Acid enters into all living processes within the plant and animal kingdoms.

When necessary, they act as "free-radical" scavengers, supply vital electrolytes, enhance and transport nutrients, catalyze enzyme reactions, promote health gut flora, increase assimilation, stimulate metabolism, chelate and change inorganic minerals into organically complexed minerals, solubilize, energize and transport major and trace elements to the site of need, and demonstrate amazing capacity for electrochemical balance.

Fulvic Acids are involved in indispensable biochemical reactions which influence all biological life-forms, both plant and animal.


It is believed that the effective use of HEALlix, combined with silver mineral as an anti-infective agent is due (at least in part) to its ability to reduce the electrical potential of the invasive pathogen’s cell membrane to zero, thus destroying the pathogen.

This may explain why there are no known cases of virulent pathogens mutating into strains which are resistant to HEALlix.

With the harmonious marriage of a known disease fighter, and a non-toxic electrolyte and cell nutrient, researchers have reached a new plateau in the fight against the virulent, disease-causing "Super Bugs". Offering a non-toxic bio-nutrient and electrolyte has put the product light years ahead of competition.

Dissolved Silver

The internationally recognized authority on Electromagnetic Pollution, Robert O. Becker, PhD; outlined in his book "Cross Currents" the experimental discipline successfully used to combat infections in wounds that would not respond to conventional treatment.

It involved patients "who not only had large open wounds with exposed and infected bone but also had unhealed fractures of the bone in the infected site." Through the use of electrically generated silver ions, Dr. Becker & associates not only controlled the heretofore uncontrollable infection, but achieved a startling added bonus as well.

He states; "What we had actually done was rediscover the fact that silver killed bacteria, which has been known for centuries. The electrical generated silver ion was doing something more than killing bacteria, it was also causing major growth stimulation of tissues in the wound."

When they finally traced down exactly what was happening they found that as human fibroblast cells were exposed to electrical generated silver ions, they changed back into primitive or embryonic cells, which in turn changed into whatever specific cell types was needed to heal the wound. He further states, "So what we were in fact doing was turning on regeneration in human tissues, which I had thought we would never be able to do."


Recent major breakthroughs in processing technology has made possible the complete ionization of electrical generated silver. It renders obsolete the long standing method of fractional ionization of colloidal silver by standard methods.

With new technology that produces 100% ionized silver, the product is stabilized against drop out and gives a shelf-life of years instead of days, weeks or months as in conventional colloidal silver products.

Natural Antibiotic

As a natural antibiotic, it is a wide spectrum anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-fungal agent and enhances the effects of colloidal minerals, topical gels and aloe skin preparations of all kinds. There is no finer treatment for burns, cuts, abrasions, and skin disorders than organic acid.

HEALlix was started in 2001 and continues to deliver powerful healing to many customers around the world.

To all of our wonderful customers who trusted us enough to give HEALlix a chance and now won’t live without it.

Thank You!