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Boost your Immune System


Health is conceived in the GUT, your digestive system. It is the purpose of your gut to dismantle your food into usable parts to fuel, build and re-build your bodies cells. If your gut has been weakened or compromised the ability to absorb necessary fuel has been decreased and your body suffers.

There are tens of trillions of microbes living in our gut. Perhaps more than 1000 different species of bacteria. Approximately 67% of our gut micro biology is specific to us. In other words, one third of our gut is common with others. This makes us quite unique.

Small doses of organisms found in Fulvic Acid along with the trace minerals can cause noticeable improvements in the ratio of bacteria living in your gut.


A healthy digestive system keeps bad bugs/bacteria to a minimum and efficiently re-populates the good bugs/bacteria, your good flora. It maintains a balanced and potent environment for the good flora to flourish.

Without a healthy gut, the immune system weakens, infection takes over, inflammation occurs and weakens our body.

When particles can penetrate the gut lining because of a weakened gut, inflammation and autoimmune disorders can happen. There is some evidence that Fulvic Acid can help heal gut illness such as inflammatory bowel, UTIs, respiratory, flu, and colds.