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Suggested Use:   

       HEALlix can be taken straight, without water or juice.

   For Minimum Maintenance:  

    1 teaspoon in water or juice twice daily


   For Regular Treatment:

teaspoons in water or juice three times daily.


   For Maximum Treatment:

teaspoons in water or juice four times daily.

Maximum treatment should by used at the onset of the infection, once the symptoms subside continue on regular treatment for two days after feeling healthy.  It is important that you continue two days after feeling healthy.  You must be sure all the pathogens have been killed.

The water or juice dilutes the flavor and is easier to drink.  If you can take it straight it's more potent.

Increase the dose if you are an extreme case, HEALlix is completely safe and non-toxic.  And continue to take HEALlix at the Regular Treatment level for at least two days after the symptoms have subsided.

As a note, be sure and take on an empty stomach as often as possible.  30 minutes before meals.  If this is not possible, don't worry.  Take HEALlix when you can.

For those treating yeast infection, along with taking HEALlix orally, douche with it straight, not dilluted.

"I purchased my first bottle of Heallix about a month ago. I have had chronic sinus problems for over four years, constantly fighting infections. I began taking the Heallix a teaspoon at a time, but I continued to struggle with the sinus infection. I decided to try putting slightly diluted Heallix in an eye dropper and snuffed it up my nose. Within 12 hours my sinuses were clear. I have never had anything that worked so well. If I feel any signs or symptoms of a sinus infection returning, I snuff some more Heallix. I usually use it full strength now. It does sting a little, but it really works."

Phyllis, IN

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