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Though virtually unknown to the layman, there is perhaps no substance more vital to life than the biologically-derived compounds known as Fulvic Acid.  As humic material is decomposed by living microbes, these microbes create the most biologically complex organic compounds on earth.  It is a power pack which aids and supplies all cellular life functions.  Fulvic Acids enter into all living processes within the plant and animal kingdoms.  When necessary, they act as "free-radical" scavengers, supply vital electrolytes, enhance and transport nutrients, catalyze enzyme reactions, increase assimilation, stimulate metabolism, chelate and change inorganic minerals into organically complexed minerals, solubilize, energize and transport major and trace elements to the site of need, and demonstrate amazing capacity for electrochemical balance.  Fulvic acids are involved in indispensable biochemical reactions which influence all biological life-forms, both plant and animal.


With regard to currently marketed liquid mineral products the bottom line is not how much mineral they contain, but how much organic acid they contain.  Regardless of product cost, even the strongest of the so-called colloidal minerals have, at most, a few cents worth of minerals per quart.  If their mineral content is truly colloidal it is of no value to plants or animals since they cannot use minerals in this form.  Fulvic acid is the biological substance that changes inorganic colloidal minerals into organically complexed, soluble minerals which can be used by plants and animals.  Fulvic acid is an "organic" acid produced by soil microorganisms in trace amounts in healthy soils.  It is vital to all life forms and without it there would be no you.  In aqueous solutions it is the most powerful natural chelating substance known which makes it an extremely effective anti-oxident.


Because of intensified chemical agricultural practices in America, we are no longer getting adequate amounts of mineral nutrients in our foods.  Most of the 45,000+ chemicals now being used in our environment can kill soil microorganisms.  These microorganisms are indispensable to the uptake and utilization of minerals in our food.  Because they produce fulvic acid, they are responsible for the conversion of inorganic minerals into organically complexed minerals that are beneficially used by plants and animals.


A casual glance at the thousands of current scientific references on fulvic acids will reveal the vital nature of this unique substance.  All food, directly or indirectly, originates in the soil.  What is taken up by plants also ends up in man's food chain.  That which beneficially affects healthy plants will also beneficially affect humans.  Fulvic acid is responsible for carrying these organically complexed minerals into the plant, where the organic remains and becomes a vital link in our food chain.


It is evident that the pandemic deficiency diseases now occurring in America are the direct result of intensified chemical farming which destroys indigenous soil microorganisms vital to the production of organic acid.  Without healthy microorganisms, we have no fulvic acid.  With organically rich, organic enhanced soils, we can have as much as 1,000 times more of vital trace elements and other bio-nutrients in our foods than is found in foods grown in chemically sterile soils.  It is physically impossible to eat enough of these commercially grown, nutritionally-hollow fruits and vegetables to overcome the deficiencies currently being manifested in America.  It is not enough to emphasize eating adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables.  The urgency of the situation demands that we stress the absolute necessity of nutritional quality in our fruits and vegetables.  Fulvic acid is the vital and indispensable link in the chain of vibrant health and longevity.


The world at large now recognizes the essential nature of vitamins and enzymes.  Less understood is that vitamins and enzymes cannot be properly formed without specific, organically-complexed minerals.  For instance, zinc is absolutely necessary in the formation fo over 200 different enzymes.  Calcium is essential in over 500 different enzymes.  The billions of cells in our bodies are all capable of producing their own specific enzymes.  The metabolic and biochemical systems of the body are all enzyme driven.  We have tens of thousands of functional enzyme systems within the healthy human body.  Whenever any of these enzyme systems are stressed or malfunction to any degree, degenerative diseases begin to occur.  We cannot have vitamins and enzymes without biological complexed minerals, and we cannot have biologically complexed minerals without fulvic acid.


Most soils contain ample amounts of insoluble, inorganic minerals that cannot be assimilated in the colloidal or inorganic state.  It is only after these minerals are organically complexed and solublized by fulvic acid that they are taken up and assimilated into healthy plant tissue.  When we deplete our soils of organic material (which nourish essential microorganisms), and saturate our soils with pesticides, insecticides, fumigants and herbicides, we set the stage for disaster.  America ranks last in the community of nations with respect to birth defects.  Upwards of 30% of all young people in public schools now suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), while Alzheimer's Disease is decimating the ranks of our elderly.  This should not be surprizing, considering the rampant abuse of our soils and our environment.


As an electrolyte, Fulvic Acid is unsurpassed.  It carries all the natural components necessary for balance, cellular integrity and electrical potential.  When combined with other supplements, it potentizes and adds positive benefit far beyond its role as an essential electrolyte.  As a natural antibiotic, it is a wide spectrum anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-fungal agent and enhances the effects of colloidal minerals, topical gels and aloe skin preparations of all kinds.  There is no finer treatment for burns, cuts, abrasions, and skin disorders than organic acid.  As an antioxidant, acting alone or in conjunction with other proven ingredients, it is unrivaled in its ability as a "free-radical" scavenger.  Acting at times as an acceptor, and at other times as a donor (depending upon need), organic acid helps to create balance.  As a complexing agent, organic acid can chelate, detoxify and restructure otherwise toxic substances into non-toxic, useful substances for the body.  It can reduce minerals compounds from a higher oxidative, unavailable state to a lower oxidative, available state.  Thus, it can reduce noavailable ferric iron oxide to available ferrous oxide to eliminate iron deficiencies.  There is no other known biological substance that can beneficially modify so many essential biochemical, electrochemical and metabolic processes as can fulvic acid.  It is frequently referred to as "Fantastic Organic" and, as the late Dr. Clyde Sandgrin used to express it: "If I had to choose between that liquid mineral and electricity, electricity would have to go."  


"Thank you so much for the awesome product. I have sclerosis of the liver and it's nice to finally have a product give me so much real energy instead of all the false im used to. Thanks again the product really works. Feeling great."

Paul- Arkansas

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