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How it began:

A friend of mine gave me a bottle of HEALlix that sat on the shelf for months, being very skeptical I forgot all about it.

One night I felt a chest cold come on, one that gives you that deep chest cough that hurts so bad you feel your lungs are going to rip apart.  So you do everything possible not to cough.  I was upset because I knew it would be 2 weeks before I got rid of it.

Then I remembered the HEALlix, the friend had told me it would heal a cough, that is was complete safe and non-toxic and great for the body.  So I took a big dose orally and also figured that since it was safe I would snort some to get it directly into my lungs and kill this cold.

The next morning it was gone.  I was shocked and completely amazed.  I thought everyone should know about this, for me it was the greatest news.

I found that HEALlix was not being sold on the internet so I decided to give it a try and build a website and begin sharing this wonderful product with everyone I could.

This website has been operating since August 2001.


"When I first starting taking HEALix I was skeptical because I did think it was capable of all the success that I read in the testimonies. After two weeks of taking HEALix twice a day I have so much more energy than I had before. I have a greater desire to live a more healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise. I'm able to think more clearier without being irrational and I can only attribute these positive changes to HEALix."

Christopher, PA

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