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What is "HEALlix"?

HEALlix is a liquid of organically complexed minerals in an Fulvic Acid base with a patent pending formula that knocks out pathogens in the human body.  A pathogen is a bacteria or virus of disease.  Working in concert with your body's immune system, it fights side by side with your bodies natural anti-bodies and wipes out invading viruses and bacteria.  Because of this your bodies immune system is fortified and strengthened for combat against your bodies enemy; disease.


Fulvic acid is the biological substance that changes inorganic minerals into organically soluble minerals which can be used by plants and animals.  Fulvic acid is produced by soil microorganisms in trace amounts in healthy soils.  It is vital to all life forms and without it there would be no you.  In aqueous solutions it is the most powerful natural chelating substance known which makes it an extremely effective anti-oxident.   It is a naturally occurring electrolyte.

Electrolysis and Human Health

Medical researchers have long known the vital role of electrolytes in human health.  Of this naturally occurring electrolyte, Dr. William R. Jackson, in his well documented book "Organic Soil Conditioning", has stated:  "the physical well being of the organism, whether plant or animal, can be expressed in terms of electrical potential.  organic acid has proven to be a powerful organic electrolyte, serving to balance cell life.  It is available at times as a donor and at other times as an acceptor, based on the cell's requirements for balance.  If the individual cell is restored to its normal chemical balance and thereby, in turn, its electrical potential, we have given life were death and disintegration would normally occur within the plant and animal cells."

Electrical Potential of the Cell

Death in the cell occurs when the electrical potential of the cell membrane is reduced to zero.  This was effectively demonstrated by Dr. Crile.  An amoeba (a one celled animal) and an auto synthetic cell was used to demonstrate the vital function of electrical potential in all living cells.  When an equal and opposite electrical charge to that of the amoeba reduced the electrical potential of its cell membrane to zero and astonishing change occurred comparable to death.  Amoeboid movement was arrested and the amoeba became spherical in form.  The outer cell membrane then ruptured and granules could be seen floating out into the surrounding fluid.

Before the tears in the membrane became too excessive, the researchers reversed the process and restored the electrical potential of the cell membrane again to normal.  They then witnessed a remarkable demonstration of the vital role of electrical potential in all living cells.  The amoeba's form was reconstructed to a viable, living organism and it again became active and healthy.  Reestablishing the cell's normal electrical potential had given life where death and disintegration would otherwise have occurred.

Super Bugs & HEALLix

It is believed that the effective use of HEALLix  as an anti-infective agent is due (at least in part) to its ability to reduce the electrical potential of the invasive pathogen's cell membrane to zero, thus destroying the pathogen.  This may explain why there are no known cases of virulent pathogens mutating into strains which are resistant to HEALLix.  With the harmonious marriage of a known disease fighter, and a non-toxic electrolyte and cell nutrient, researchers have reached a new plateau in the fight against the virulent, disease-causing "Super Bugs".  Offering a non-toxic bio-nutrient and electrolyte has put the product light years ahead of competition.

How do I take HEALLix?

      Taken orally it is quickly assimilated into the blood stream.  It can be taken for colds, flu, strep-throat, yeast infection, cold sores, pink eye, food poisoning, pneumonia, ear infection, etc, or for any type of viral or bacterial infection or disease.
    When used topically it is effective in the treatment of cuts, bruises, scrapes, skin eruptions, ear infections, warts and other skin problems.  It is highly recommended in the treatment of burns which can harbor virulent strains of bacteria.
    To find out more about what
HEALLix can do for you, check out our testimonials.  Maybe yours will be read soon!

*It can also be used on animals.

 "I decided to try a bottle of HEALlix to see if it would take care of a pesky bladder infection I had been fighting. Not only did it clear the infection beautifully, it also gave me clearer skin! This stuff works! I have my teenage daughter using it to clear her acne and plan to use it to help clear a fungal infection on my toenails."

Becky, AL

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