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How long will one bottle of HEALlix last ?

  Depending on your condition it may last up to one month.  At the minimum dose of 1 tsp twice a day, one bottle will last 24 days or about one month.  At the maximum dose of 4 tsp 4 times a day, one bottle will last 3 days.

What is the shelf life of HEALlix?

  HEALlix can last for years and be just as effective as when you first purchased it.  HEALlix is contained in amber bottles to filter the sunlight, to prolong its shelf-life keep it out of direct sunlight.
Will HEALlix kill the good bacteria (flora) in the digestive tract?
  No, thanks to the miracle of fulvic acid.
Can HEALlix be applied topically?
  Yes, HEALlix is very effective when applied topically.
Can I inhale HEALlix into my sinuses and lungs?
  Yes, but you will experience some burning for a few minutes.
Will HEALlix color my teeth if I brush with HEALlix?
  No, infact it may make them look whiter.  HEALlix may help eat the plaque off your teeth leaving them whiter.
Are there any side effects with taking HEALlix?
  A few people have experience a healing crisis, where their body can’t flush out all the dead bacteria and garbage being disposed of because of the volume.  This happens in a small percentage of people.  If this happens, you need to drink a lot of water and make sure you are regular and not constipated.  The only other side affect is great health.
Is the HEALlix Newsletter Free?
  Yes, the HEALlix newsletter is free and contains health articles and information.  It also contains a recent testimony and special offers that save our subscribers $100s of dollars.  We also announce our Monthly Contest winner at the beginning of each month.
Is HEALlix colloidal silver?
  No, HEALlix does not contain colloidal silver.
How many teaspoons are in 1 bottle of HEALlix?
  There are 48 tsp in 1 bottle of HEALlix.
Can I take HEALlix with bottled or filtered water?
  No, take HEALlix with only distilled water.  Any other water contains impurities which HEALlix may either kill or chelate making it less effective when you consume it.
Is HEALlix safe for children?
  HEALlix is similar to a multi mineral.
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