Yeast Infection, Candida

Webster's Definition:   "any of a genus (Candida) of parasitic imperfect fungi that resemble yeasts and occur especially in the mouth, vagina, and intestinal tract and that are usually benign but can become pathogenic; especially : one (C. albicans) causing thrush "

The Best Defense:   The Ultimate Defense against Yeast Infection is a healthy vibrant immune system.  But when your immune system is overwhelmed by attacking invaders and becomes exhausted or damaged, there is little your immune system can do.  We must strengthen your immune system, with two simultaneous advances.  One, eradicate all foreign invaders.  Two, strengthen your immune system with the necessary resources and energy needed to win the fight.  HEALlix does both very effectively!

Learn about Yeast Infection at the:

Women's Health Center

National Candida Society

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